We love NZ and it has so much to offer, we wanted to share the best of it with you.

Whats-On.nz is a platform to help the community find activities and events to attend in New Zealand. "Whats-On.nz" stands for the phrase "What's On in New Zealand".

We are dedicated to helping the Community Find What's On in New Zealand - Get Outdoors and Have Some Fun!

Whats-On.nz is open for Businesses (fee required) and Not-for-profit (FREE to List) organisations in New Zealand to advertise through.

Whats-On.nz is 100% NZ owned by Berryman Media and was launched in 31st December 2018.

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Whats-On.nz is the place to find "What's On in New Zealand".. Find things to do, get outdoors and have some fun!

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Whats-On.nz.nz is open for Business and Not-for-Profits organisations in New Zealand to Advertise through. Start Advertising Today..